When changing homes, it's important to notify just about everyone, providing your new address!  Be sure to notify your existing utility service providers of your move so they may disconnect from the old address and connect at your new address.
-  Gas/Electric
-  Water/Sewer
-  Cable
-  Phone (home & cell)

Equally as important to notify, are the follow:
-  Postal Service (Mail)
-  Banks

-  Credit Card Companies
-  Insurance Companies
-  Doctor Offices
-  Employer (retirement accounts, health/life insurance, payroll, etc)
-  Family & Friends

Please refer to this list of utility companies that you may have to contact, depending on your new address location.

PECO - Peco Customer Service
Peco Customer Service Center

2301 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA  19102
(800) 494-4000


Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) - PGW Customer Care
800 W. Montgomery Ave

Philadelphia, PA  19122
(215) 235-1000
Link to other locations:

PWG Customer Care Center Locations


Aqua - Aqua Services
(877) 987-2782


Verizon - Verizon Services
(800) 300-4184

Comcast - 
Comcast Services
(800) 934-6489