The concept of a mortgage is quite simple.  It’s basically a loan for a home wherein the property itself is used as collateral.  Securing a mortgage however, can be complex.  The process may take more than a month, as several parties – from the escrow officer to the loan underwriter – work behind the scenes to put it all together.

Often times a mortgage is a necessary part of purchasing a home.  There are many mortgage options out there to choose brokers, lenders, financial institutions, mortgage options/programs (Conventional, FHA, VA, etc.).  I always suggest approaching your bank first, as you have a history of doing business together.  However, it is always in your best interest to look around and explore other options to find the best rate and best mortgage option for your individual situation.

Please refer to this list of Mortgage Professionals who have successfully assisted my Buyers with obtaining just the right mortgage for their situation.

First Choice Loan Services - DEBBIE LEVY FOSTERGet PreApproved with Debbie Levy Foster

Guaranteed Rate - JEFF ANGELUCCIGet PreApproved with Jeff Angelucci